Bible Month Week 4

Sunday June 28 2020


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We have come to the end of our story of Ruth, of Naomi, of Orpah, of Boaz.

But we can never come to the end of God’s love – for there is no ending to that.

The same faithful God who was with Ruth and Naomi in Moab and in Bethlehem, 

is with us here in our towns and villages, 

with us in our homes and with our families.


No matter what situation we find ourselves in, 

he is here beside us and he will surely bless us 

for he is faithful and good.


And so, a blessing……

Wherever you walk, may the earth be soft beneath you;

Wherever you enter, may you be welcome;

Wherever you settle, may it be home;

Wherever you wander, far or near, within or without,

May you know that God goes with you. Amen