Easter Day 2021

Today we will be worshipping in church for the first time in many months.

What we offer online today, therefore, is a reflection on Easter Day, some hymns we will share in the service, a Bible reading and a poem.

we hope you find this appropriate and that it enables you to share with us the joy of Easter.

Father God, we come to worship You this morning, thankful for your love and especially at this Eastertide, thankful for the sacrifice of Jesus that we might be forgiven and treated by you just as if we'd never sinned. Thank you for making Jesus a pathway to You. Thank you for sending Your son.

Be with us now as we worship you.


This is the last in a series of reflections for Holy Week. You can find them all here.


Sighing, Goodbye-ing, Crying

Poem for Easter by Bob Hartman


When someone you love dies,

you hurt deep inside.

You miss them so much

you just want to cry.

So the day Jesus died,

his friends all hurt, too.

Peter and John

and the rest of the crew

were gutted and broken,

didn't know what to do

with their sighing, goodbye-ing and crying.

One day passed, then two,

and on the third day,

Mary went, with her friends,

to visit the grave.

She went, with her friends,

bearing spice and perfume

to anoint the dead body

of the one in the tombs.

The day hadn't dawned,

they walked in the gloom.

They were sighing, goodbye-ing, and crying.

But when they arrived

they were filled with dismay............

The text to the left is from a poem by Bob Hartman

and available on the Area 52 section of the

Engage Worship website

The full text is accessible by clicking on the PDF icon above: it's worth a read!