Day 14
What did Jews expect from a Messiah?

Messiah -

(Pronounced me-schi-ach) - written in Hebrew and read from right to left 

It's quite easy for us to look at the Old Testament prophecies and ask, "How could the Jews not see that Jesus was the expected Messiah?" but the Jews had been oppressed, living under Roman rule, for a long time. And before that they'd been ruled by the Assyrians. They wanted to be in charge of their own country again. They needed a king. They thought!

Instead they got the Messiah ' the Anointed One', 'the Chosen One'. To be anointed meant to be blessed with oil (a bit like the Queen at her coronation), but more importantly it meant to be set apart by God for a purpose.


It was more difficult for them to see the significance of the baby born in a stable even when they experienced His miracles. They wanted a King who would fight their enemies.

Christos is the equivalent Greek word. So to call Jesus the Christ we are giving Him a title - 'the Anointed One'. It's not a surname or a second name of any kind, but a title saying what we believe Him to be.

Ichthus - the Greek word for fish provides one of the best summaries of faith. An early symbol shared by believers in the catacombs of Rome. 

The initial letters of the words spell

Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour

As we listen to this song with its message of Emmanuel (meaning God with us), let's stop to reflect on what we expect from the Messiah.

Is He, to us, the fulfilment of God's promises?