There's no doubting that celebrations around Christmas 2020 will be different: that could mean that the message of the saving love of Jesus becomes central again. But for many families, this Christmas will be different because of an empty place at the table - maybe more than one. For them, family celebrations of any event will never be the same.

Let's not forget them as we prepare to celebrate with those we love. This contribution from The Piano Guys says it all.

Prayers of loss and remembrance


Loving God, we ask your blessing on all who have lost loved ones.
May we know your peace, even in our grief.
Help us to learn to live without the physical presence of our loved ones,
but to know your spiritual closeness.
Give us the courage and strength to carry on with our lives,
both cherishing the past and looking to the future.
Bless those who have not achieved reconciliation with loved ones.
Help us to find peace of mind in leaving grievances behind,
and in trusting in your power of reconciliation.

Dear God, we thank you for memories of happy times and beloved people
that bring us comfort and encouragement.
Thank you for families and friends to share memories and to nurture us.
Help us to let go of unhappy or damaging memories,
and to accept the healing that you offer.

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