Pentecost 2021

We are meeting in church again this morning for a service of praise for Pentecost led by Rev. Sharon Gardner.

Sharon has provided much of the content of the service so that those who are unable to join us can follow through at their own pace and the sermon will be added later in the day.

A call to worship

The Minister says:                             The congregation responds:

The Lord is here:                                   His Spirit is with us

We need not fear:                               His Spirit is with us

We abide in peace:                            His Spirit is with us

We are immersed in his love:               His Spirit is with us

We continue in hope:                          His Spirit is with us

We rejoice in faith:                              His Spirit is with us


Lord, we offer you our worship and ourselves.

Help us to know that you are here and with us now,

that your Spirit is with us and abides with us always.  Amen

Sermon - apologies if the sound is not as good as you would like!

Prayer of Intercession

The words of these prayers are adapted from a prayer by Nick Fawcett

At this point Holy Communion will be shared before we enjoy a final hymn 

Make the wind blow,

Make the fire glow,

Take the words from your lips

And put them on our lips

And speak them out to the whole of the world. Amen