Day 7

There's something very special about children's voices singing at this time of year and the words of this song remind us that we are all on a journey, like the Wise Men, seeking to know Jesus better day by day.

Some of the websites which focus on activities for parents have great ideas for helping children to deal with the build up of excitement as Christmas draws near . Here are a couple of examples of things children of all ages - even us grownups - might do along the way.

It was quite reassuring to discover that not all Advent Calendars are about chocolate!!

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for more ideas

This is an easy way to help children remember the story and exactly what Christmas is.

Another nice idea to help deal with the anticipation which could also be combines with the idea below.Both come from Happy Home Fairy

One of the good things about this is that you can start it at any time: it doesn't need to be for the whole month.