It's Christmas Eve!

All over the world today Christians will be celebrating the arrival of the Christ.

In many countries, Christmas Eve is more important than Christmas Day. Especially as the evening wears on and families make their way together to Midnight Mass - usually wrapped up in their warmest clothes, sometimes after a special family meal.

Traditions are different but the truth of the event is the same everywhere.

There is a famous story that, even enemies paused their fighting to celebrate together in World War 1.

Listening to  John McCutcheon in this performance is another time to sit with a coffee and enjoy:

And the first of our images is fully revealed: the angels appearing to the shepherds, bringing them news of the birth of a Saviour.

This mural is one of a number in the church at the Shepherds' Fields just outside Bethlehem.

Just one more image to see tomorrow.

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