Sunday, 5th September, 2021 


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Isaiah 35v4-7a read by Douglas Brown

Lord God our Heavenly Father, give us a sense of your presence as we bring before you our prayers for ourselves and for the world.  

Grant us gratitude as we remember your goodness, penitence as we remember our sins, and joy as we remember your love; and enable us to lift up our hearts in humble prayer and fervent praise.

Lord we ask you to open our eyes to the beauty and wonder of your presence in the world and let it be not just on those days when the sun is shining but on the days when the storm clouds roll in as well, 

those days when we have lost our bearings and don’t know where to turn or what to expect, and we pray that your miracle of love, grace and compassion may be seen and experienced by all.

This prayer is adapted  from

Mark 7 v24-37 read by Douglas Brown

Lord we ask you to help us to seek out opportunities to work for understanding and tolerance between people of different religious backgrounds, different social backgrounds, different racial and political backgrounds.

We pray especially that religious views would not lead to bitterness and hatred between us your children whom you so love and with whom your patience and tolerance is boundless.


We remember the example of the Good Samaritan who reached out to someone outside of his own religion and culture, may this example inspire us to go beyond our own comfort zones and help anyone in need regardless of them being different to ourselves.

Lord today we pray for victims of war, earthquake, fire, famine and disaster. 

For those whom disaster has left homeless, injured or bereaved 

We pray for all who are desolate and in pain or sorrow this day. 

We pray especially for anyone known to us who are sick, in trouble, or in need, and in a moment of silence we name them in our hearts

In your mercy, heal their sickness, dispel their fears, and may they know that you are ever near them, and may they enjoy the strong and steadfast comfort that your presence brings. Be the support of all who give their strength, their skill and their stamina in a ministry of providing relief.

This prayer is adapted from

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