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The readings are courtesy of Douglas Brown who is aiming to record the whole lectionary and whose work we much appreciate.

Sharon's talks will be added during the afternoon so that what you get will be exactly what we heard in the service.

Prayer of Adoration
Prayer of confession
Lords Prayer

Talk: Whom do we choose?

A Prayer by the Very Reverend Brian Baker

The world now is too dangerous and too beautiful for anything but love.


Love is a blessing.


May your eyes be so blessed you see God in everyone;

your ears so you hear the cry of the poor.


May your hands be so blessed that everything you touch becomes a sacrament;

your lips so you speak nothing but the truth with love.


May your feet be so blessed you run to those who need you;

and may your heart be so opened, so set on fire,

that your love, your love, changes everything.


Both talks can be heard by clicking on the image to the left. You may want to pause the recording after the first part, listen to the song and reading and then return for the second part.

The choice is yours!

Prayers of intercession