Sunday 13th June 2021

This morning's service takes place in church at 10.00a.m. and is led by Mike Bowstead, one of the Circuit's local preachers.

The service is the second in series for Bible Month and focusses on chapters 4-8 of St. Mark's gospel. Mike has asked that everyone read these chapters if possible to benefit more from the service.

Click on the loudspeaker symbol on the page you are taken to and you will see the page below: You can simply click through the chapters if you want to listen to all.

Click on the arrow to play or on the number above to move through the chapters

We hope to add some elements from the service later in the day - possibly the sermon. But if you want to have something to listen to immediately, you may find the video below of interest.

A prayer of thanks for the Bible and its power from the Bible Society website

Wonder-speaking God, you created all there is by the power of your word and renew us daily by your life-giving Spirit. We give thanks for the Scriptures that you give us the wisdom leading to salvation through Jesus Christ, and that teach, train and correct us.

We pray for all involved in the translation, distribution and production of the Bible worldwide, and for all who help people understand and live by it. Lord, so shape your people by your word that we will bring life and hope to all around us through Jesus, your living Word.

We ask this for your glory, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.